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News Archive

[May 13, 2011]  

If your a local South Florida diver, here are some very useful links.

[January 11, 2011]

Great pictures from Bahamas and Bonaire.

[August 10, 2010]

Check out this great pictures from Puerto Galera, Philippines and the Galapagos!!

[July 10, 2010]

Check out this great book called "The Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks". Click to view !!

[March 6, 2010]  

Just added one of the greatest ships that ever sailed - the USS Saratoga CV-3, which is currently resting under the waters of Bikini atoll. See the images here.

[February 1, 2010]

Follow me and my dive buddies on twitter today. Click the link.

Follow OceanBlueDiving on Twitter...and let's start tweeting!!

[January 1, 2010]  

Happy New Year Everyone!!

[December 25, 2009]  

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year!!

[September 13, 2009]  

Beautiful dive on the USS Vandenburg in Key West, FL. Richard, Anne-Marie, Michael and I made the trip out the day before from Miami and had a great dive with no current and pretty good viz. Check out all the pics here. If you need more information on the USS Vandenburg, please check out the specs here.

[August 2, 2009]

IANTD OW class with Ana. What a great job she did. See all the pics here.

[July 25, 2009]  

Beautiful diving in the Grand Bahama Island. See all the pictures here.

[July 3, 2009]  

Interesting dive with Silent World at the Speigel Grove. Richard, Anne-Marie and Yoyo where alot of fun to dive with again. Yoyo had some issues with his dive buddy, but ultimately everything worked out. Looking forward to the USNS Vandenburg!!

[June 13, 2009]  

Added some gas fill tables for all you blenders on the go. You can see them here.

[May 25, 2009]  

May long weekend, just can't beat it. Great day today with Mike Beach and RJ Diving out of South Beach. We hit the Doc DeMille wreck, the Bluefire wreck and to finish it off a relaxing  dive on the St. Anne shipwreck. Check out all the latest pics here.

[March 14, 2009]  

Super day today with RJ's in South Beach. Richard, Rick and I dove the Etollie De Mer and Miguana shipwrecks at about 145fsw. Good visibility but the current was kicking during our deco ascent. Check out all the pics here.


[February 21, 2009]

Sorry to all my friends for taking so long for updates, but its been a busy year thus far with diving and I now have a chance to place some new pics up for our dive adventures. Look out for updates in the next few days. Here is Richard Lind's and myself diving the Sherri Lynn off Miami Beach today.


Creature Sighting

by Robert Ronec

Sharky's Corner

Let's Go Boating!!

"Click Me"

Lobster Season is Here!!

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Galapagos Islands

Mexican Cenote's

Lobster Mini-Season

by Robert Ronec

Shipwreck Highlight

USAFS General Hoyt S. Vandenburg

Click on the image for more information!!

Latest Dive Adventure

Speigel Grove Shipwreck

Key Largo, FL

Check out all the other dive

adventure pics here.

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